Box Office Weekend: ‘Wonder Woman’ demolishes competition with $100.5 M opening.


By: Myri Nieves

It’s now official: “Wonder Woman” has silenced the naysayers with a $100.5 million dollar domestic opening, making the film the highest grossing film of the weekend from 4,165 locations. Her international gross is even higher with $122.5 million, giving her a total of over $222.5 million, not counting IMAX screens. “Wonder Woman” joins the ranks of “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Suicide Squad” for the third biggest opening DC has had in the past five years.

She also leads the pack in opening lead numbers ahead of “Iron Man” ($96 M), “Doctor Strange” ($85 M), “Thor” ($65 M), though she could not break fellow “Justice League”‘ colleague Man of Steel, who opened at $116 M.

Patty Jenkins also scored a massive win with having the highest opening by a female director, crushing “Fifty Shades of Grey” by Sam Taylor-Johnson, which opened at $85 M. Still, those numbers are impressive for female directors whose works are seldom seen on the big screen.

“Wonder Woman” also puts front and center the fact that female centered films can make more money than their male competitor, silencing the doubts of people after the disastrous opening of Rupert Sander’s “Ghost in the Shell” which starred Scarlett Johansson and was plagued with bad reviews and controversy since before its production. “Wonder Woman” had something that “Ghost” did not have – critical support. This is a rare feat in this day and age as DC films have been known to be crushed by critics and audiences alike.

With “Wonder Woman 2” already green lit and “Justice League” on the way, there is no doubt that the future is looking quite Wonderful with the power of women.


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