Box office: ‘Wonder Woman’ sends ‘The Mummy’ back to the tomb


By: Myri Nieves

Remember when some people thought The Mummy would do this to Wonder Woman? Me either, but I did find this photo and thought it would be fun to use for the post.

Welcome to your weekly Box Office Breakdown where we see what’s on top and what went to flop. Much like last weekend, Wonder Woman came in at $57.2M on her second week, while The Mummy opened with a lackluster $32.2M, not being able to top its 1999 predecessor, which opened at $43.3 million. That is considerably low as this is the first in a series of monster films coming from Dark Universe. Unfortunately, bad reviews were plaguing The Mummy a week before its arrival and the trailers prior to that did not look very promising. More people seemed interested in watching behind-the-scenes takes of Tom throwing himself from a plane than the film itself.

However, Wonder Woman did stay on the top even if she did see a 45% dip from last weekend. This is perfectly normal for superhero films, although hers was considerably less than say Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice that had a 53% drop after their first week. This means that Wonder Woman has been considerably gaining favor over word of mouth and the people who have gone to see it more than once. Other films that came out were It Comes At Night and Megan Leavey – both of which are Certified Fresh by Rotten Tomatoes at 86 and 80 percent respectively – with the A24 horror earning $6 million and Leavey earning $3.8 million.



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