News: Annabelle: Creation gets a new poster and trailer!


By: Myri Nieves

New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers Pictures have released a new poster and trailer for Annabelle: Creation, which hits theaters August 11th, 2017 and August 10th, 2017 for the Caribbean audiences.

Annabelle: Creation follows the origin of the doll and its creator. Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, he and his wife welcome several girls and a nun into their home after their orphanage goes to shambles. Shortly after arriving, however, it’s clear that they become the desired target for Annabelle, the doll maker’s diabolical creation.

This is the latest installment in The Conjuring universe with The Nun following next year if all goes correctly, and we’re seeing already an origin building from this film onto the next. There will also be a new film for The Conjuring fans based on part 2’s Crooked Man. No details have been released yet.

Check out the new trailer and poster below!



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