News: Charlize Theron up for Furiosa prequel!


By: Myri Nieves

According to Variety, Charlize Theron would be more than happy to climb aboard a Mad Max prequel for her character Furiosa. She was quoted as telling the publication:

“I’d love to,” Theron said. “There were three scripts. They were written as back stories to Max’s character and to Furiosa’s character. But at the end of the day, this thing lives and breathes with [director] George [Miller]. I think Warner Bros. knows that. We are all waiting for him to show us the way.”

This has been rumored since the film’s release as Mad Max: Fury Road was more of a story for Furiosa and the Wives as opposed to Max himself. Mad Max: Fury Road found box office – grossing $378.9 million worldwide – and commercial success, winning six Academy Awards. Theron’s character was a huge success with fans and critics alike, thus garnering attention and clamor for a Furiosa prequel. It has been rumored that George Miller would be happy to direct the film once more – in actuality he wants to make two more Mad Max films – but after the monster production of Fury Road wants to take it easy to “reboot the brain”. If the prequel (and sequel) does happen, the wait would be a couple of years at the least.

With the box office smash of Wonder Woman, it wouldn’t be much of a shock that suddenly this gets greenlit if Miller wants to, but in truth, the success of his film would have been more than enough for the go ahead, so it really is all dependent on Miller. Theron herself has said that due to the success of Fury Road, it led the way for Atomic Blonde to be greenlit. In a way, Fury Road was a brilliant piece of marketing where the film is supposed to be about a male character yet ends up being second plane to a female counterpart. Miller knew how to bring this story without making it a battle between sexes while raising up the voices who normally would have been background noise.

It definitely would be interesting to see Furiosa’s backstory, including her upbringing and how she survived the years of abuse by Immortan Joe. If the film is any indicator, Furiosa did all she could not only to survive but become the best in his eyes in order to plan an escape. We only hope Miller changes his mind on rebooting the brain and continue the snowball for this wonder characters rich history and story.


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