News: Check out these NEW posters from D23 for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and BTS footage!


By: Myri Nieves

D23 is in full swing and they’ve released a behind the scenes look at the making of the film AND brand new posters. Here’s what’s interesting about the posters; Carrie Fischer once said that Star Wars was about family, so you take away Finn/Poe and the characters who get posters are Rey, Leia, and Kylo. I’ll let you draw the conclusions for yourselves, but here are other interesting things to know when you check out the behind the scenes footage:

  • A significant scene will take place underwater – The footage brings us Rey diving into the water and both the trailer and footage show interesting water shots. There are rumors of an underwater planet. Could this be a key part of the new film?
  • Kylo Ren gets his mask back – All the footage so far has shown Kylo without his mask. Is this intentional to separate him from the Darth comparisons and his obsession with wanting to be him? Still, it seems as though he does get it back.
  • We are introduced to new furry friends – Amazing animatronics can be seen in the BtS footage and we’re excited about these new friends!
  • Finn WILL go undercover in the First Order – One AMAZING part of the footage is that we do see the rumor confirmed that Finn will, in fact, be undercover. Will he get information that will be vital for the Resistance?
  • The Stormtroopers finally have a new weapon – And only time will tell if it’s more dangerous than their iconic blasters.

Check out the BtS footage AND posters after the cut!


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